Best autumn spots in Vienna!

The current weather is a dream! Indian summer – I love you! It is this kind of autumn that I really appreciate, and although the temperatures in mid-October surprise even me, I will not complain. Instead, I will gladly show … Read More

Eight Steps to Wagner

This year Vienna celebrates an important anniversary, it has been a 100 years since Otto Wagner has died. He was one of the most influential architects of his time, and changed how the city looked like and how it still … Read More

Summer in the… museum!

If the hot weather is bothering you, sunbathing or spending time at the pool is not your story, then how about a visit at a museum? Not only do they have air-conditioning to offer, but also many interesting exhibitions to … Read More

Some Sweet Rides

There is a place where elephants go to rest, but that’s not here in Vienna, that’s in Africa. What’s in Vienna is the place where the carriages and rides of the Habsburger dynasty, the emperors and kings of Austria, go … Read More

Let’s go to City Hall!

Vienna is a city of many castles, Palais and other glorious building, most of which are situated on both sides of the Ringstraße. However, the most well known of all is the Wiener Rathaus. And thanks to the people of @stadtwien and … Read More