Some Sweet Rides

There is a place where elephants go to rest, but that’s not here in Vienna, that’s in Africa. What’s in Vienna is the place where the carriages and rides of the Habsburger dynasty, the emperors and kings of Austria, go … Read More

Let’s go to City Hall!

Vienna is a city of many castles, Palais and other glorious building, most of which are situated on both sides of the Ringstraße. However, the most well known of all is the Wiener Rathaus. And thanks to the people of @stadtwien and … Read More


A few months back I had the chance to interview one of the members of the VRD – Vienna Roller Derby, namely Nr. 33 Dr. Callie Collision (Dr.CC). And now, finally after quite some time, I’m able to share with … Read More


I apologize if you thought now about the game, but it’s not what I wanted to refer to. No, what I was referring to is the organization, the United Nations.

Nr. 128

128 is quite a random number if you take it as it is, but if you see it in connection with concrete things like croissants, dogs, etc. the picture becomes already way clearer.

A Lit(erature) Museum

Vienna has a rich spectrum of museums, be they big or small, old or new, famous or not so famous. And also the spectrum they deal with is far from small; so, you can find all sorts of art museums … Read More

The Women from V.R.D.

Many men (and also some women), unfortunately, still believe that women are weak, should be protected, shouldn’t do contact sports, and so on. These people are wrong. And one of the best examples to prove them wrong is Roller Derby.

A City of Spies

Vienna has always been a city between West and East, the New and the Old. But unlike other cities, Vienna gives the struggle between both sides a rather special battle ground. For this reason it has been and still is … Read More

Codename M.A.K.

Vienna is rich on museums, and rich of art, and it’s rich of art museums. But none is like the one museum that goes by a three letter acronym.