Some Sweet Rides

There is a place where elephants go to rest, but that’s not here in Vienna, that’s in Africa. What’s in Vienna is the place where the carriages and rides of the Habsburger dynasty, the emperors and kings of Austria, go … Read More

A Lit(erature) Museum

Vienna has a rich spectrum of museums, be they big or small, old or new, famous or not so famous. And also the spectrum they deal with is far from small; so, you can find all sorts of art museums … Read More

Codename M.A.K.

Vienna is rich on museums, and rich of art, and it’s rich of art museums. But none is like the one museum that goes by a three letter acronym.

Stairway to Klimt

“Klimt is dead! Long live Klimt!” That’s what you hear this year all over Vienna and anywhere else where you can find his works. And the reason for it is simply that his death reaches his 100 year mark, so … Read More

Staging the World

“All the world’s a stage, and even more Vienna!”, is something which William Shakespeare once said… or at least it was something along those lines. And it’s kinda true, isn’t it? Aren’t we all actors in our lives, and isn’t … Read More

The First of Many

Where do museums come from, have you ever asked yourself that? It’s a strange question I know, but still… where did they come from?

The House of Medusa

Have you ever wondered what VR (virtual reality) has in common with art? Does that even make sense at all? You do not have to speculate about it anymore! Just check it out with an example from KHM!