Nr. 128

128 is quite a random number if you take it as it is, but if you see it in connection with concrete things like croissants, dogs, etc. the picture becomes already way clearer.

**Instameet – Cooperation between and @leones_gelato**

And it gets even clearer if you see it in connection with Viennese ice cream parlors. So, 128 + Viennese ice cream parlor equals Leones Gelato.

The story behind Leones started actually 2 years before the first of its parlors opened in 2015. Back then the owners, Lisa and Giorgi Leone, fell in love with traditional Italian ice cream, gelato, during one of their Italy trips; and after a course at the Gelato University in Bologna and many experiments in their own kitchen they decided to open their own gelateria in Vienna.

During their stay in Bologna, where they learned how to make ice cream, they also saw, how they did not want to make it. For that very reason they don’t use any instant ice cream mixes; use only fresh seasonal fruits from regional farmers; use bio-milk from the Koppensteiner family in Waldviertel. And they also don’t use the open glass refrigerator you know from many other parlors, but the more traditional pozzeti. Those are airtight containers which also protect the gelato from ice, and that you may know from their iconic metal lids.

Leones has over 50 different sorts of ice cream which focus on classical and intense flavors, but it only offers you only 12 different ones in its two stores (one in the 8th and the other in the 2nd district) as to ensure freshness, quality and the best taste. Here, it has also to be noted that of those many different sorts only 23 are actually gelatos since they contain milk, while the other 28 are sorbettos, which are made without milk (they also do not contain soymilk, so these ice creams are perfect for people that have problems with lactose and soy, and also vegans).

We could go on with some random and fun facts about Leones Gelato, like that most people come by between 3 and 5 pm. Or that Leones has it’s own coffee roast and uses 1,5 shots of espresso per scoop of coffee gelato, but we won’t. We will let you discover them on your own.

P.S.: a big thank you to Instagrammers Austria for organising the workshop and at Leones for having us, it was a pleasure!

P.P.S.: You should try the blood orange and mascarpone flavors, those were our favorites 😉


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