Let’s go to City Hall!

Vienna is a city of many castles, Palais and other glorious building, most of which are situated on both sides of the Ringstraße. However, the most well known of all is the Wiener Rathaus. And thanks to the people of @stadtwien and @igersvienna, we got a chance to get to know it a bit closer.

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The building was built between 1872-1883 under the direction of Friedrich Schmidt. Schmidt not only led the construction, but also planned the design of the whole building. (Fun fact on him and city hall, if he would have had his mind, then the city 10 hall would stand next to Stadtpark instead). Thus, it’s also thanks to him that the building has, although it follows the imperial decree of that time, several more floors than actually were allowed.

But, the number of floors isn’t the only point in which the Wiener Rathaus is bypassing laws of the time. Another example would be the height of the tower. Without the symbolic Rathausmann, a statue which you can see also up close on the ground in front of city hall, the building is just 98m tall. So, a bit smaller than the closest church (Votivkirche); and, thus, totally within the law… but with the statue it’s 103 meter and 30 centimeter tall.

However, the building isn’t interesting just because of it’s architecture, but also of what happens inside. During the year it houses up to 800 events, from small parties, to big balls; from private weddings to popular conventions and awards, and also festivities that work on an international level, like the Life Ball (which takes place there for the 25th time on 2nd of June).

Although, the more interesting things happen in there on a more frequent base, those would be the Gemeinderatssitzungen and the Landestagssitzungen. The sessions are open to the public, take place normally once a month and start at 9am. So, if you want to know what the Viennese politicians decide on your behalf, you might want to look by. The next sessions are on 25.05 and 28.06 if you want to see the Wiener Landtag; or on 24.05 and 25.-27.06 if you’re more interested in the Wiener Gemeinderat. But, if the political world isn’t your thing and you want to have your peace and quiet, then enjoy a good read in the city hall library (it hides over 40km of books in the Rathaus, so you’re likely to find the right book). Or you enjoy yourself and take a roundtrip on the Paternoster ;).

Whatever you do, remember to behave yourself (you are in the Rathaus); and don’t forget to enjoy your adventure.

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