Some Sweet Rides

There is a place where elephants go to rest, but that’s not here in Vienna, that’s in Africa. What’s in Vienna is the place where the carriages and rides of the Habsburger dynasty, the emperors and kings of Austria, go to rest. This place is the Kaiserliche Wagenburg Wien, another subsidiary of the Kunsthistorischesmuseum Vienna and hidden on the grounds of Schloss Schönbrunn. It showcases a collection of carriages, rides and even a car that belonged to the royal Austrian family through the course of centuries. Other pieces that are exposed are uniforms and dresses belonging to members of the royal court, a collection of images that show Maria Theresias favourite horses (that went by such names as Mignon or Bürgermeister), and saddlery.

Additionally, you can also find there a new, recently opened part, an exhibition called “Imperial Speed”, which is built of three elements and showcases remarkable vehicles from three different centuries. It shows not only which path we have taken in terms of technological progress, a journey through history from 2 hp to 230 hp, from “biroccio” to Formula 1 car. But also 3 original and unique vehicles belonging to 3 members of the Habsburg family: Emperor Franz I, Emperor Karl I, and Ferdinand Habsburg (great-grandson of the last emperor). The exhibition simply shows the relationship between speed, strength and art, and draws attention to the Habsburgs’ love for the artistic decoration of their vehicles…

So, if you might want to find out, how empress Elisabeth and the other Austrian Royals got around, then we recommend you the Kaiserliche Wagenburg. Also, because after your dive into royal transportation history you can easily waltz around the gardens in Schönbrunn, and pretend that you to are a member of Austrian nobility. And if that’s not your thing you can still go and visit either the Palmen- or Wüstenhaus, the Zoo, or (depending on if you’re feeling sporty) the Schönnbrunner Bad. But, no matter what you choose to do, remember 2 things: 1. be open-minded and adventures in any form will come; 2) enjoy yourself during the adventure.

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