A City Theater – Nesterval

Shakespeare once said that the whole world is our stage, the people from Nesterval take him literal, and that in the craziest and best way possible.The theater group around the leading team, the trio terrible Ms. Loefberg, Mr. Finnland and Mr. Walanka, create plays in which the audience become part of the story. Thus, going up against each other and time to solve riddles, find murderers, and maybe also save the one or other innocent maiden or what ever the male counterpart of a maiden is.

The plays usually take around 3 hours (although their last play “NESTERVAL’S STRUWWEL-PETER – Ein Karlstag-Abenteuer” was 25h long), during which you encounter a caleidoscope of bizarre, mesmerizing, and fantastic characters that each tell you a part of a story, which you have to put together to solve the ultimate mystery. But, not only is the play a game against time, but also the other members of the audience, sometimes up to 600 people, which is why teaming up with your friends is a good idea. And that for two reason: a) two heads work better then one in getting the different and sometimes contradicting stories clear and in line; and b) shared fun is more fun ;).

The stories are inspired by either famous works of fiction, like the 3rd Man, stories by Agatha Christie, Goethe’s Faust, or Dirty Dancing; or real people and happenings. But those all get often mixed together with the terrible, tantalizing and terrific story of the family Nesterval. A clan that may very well put any other dynasty, like the Lannisters, Windsors, or Habsburgers, into the shadow when it comes to dark secrets, hidden scandals or long-lasting satanic rituals (I’m not judging btw.).

As already told their last city adventure played out during this years Karlstag all around the name giving square, with different troupes of actors being hidden all around it. The next ones will come up in June – “JEDERMANNS ALPTRAUM” on Saturday 16th, during this years Regenbogenparade (so, add that to the madness); and “ELEFANTEN DIE SCHLAFEN – Ein Abenteuer im Tiergartenn Schönbrunn” on the 18th and 19th. So, if you’re up for some Madness (yes, that needs a capital letter, as well as), Adventure and Drama, hurry up, because tickets usually are sold faster than a freshly baked Apfelstrudel.

And take these pieces of advice with you: a) take some friends with you, b) play with the actors, it makes it easier, c) follow the rules, d) use your fantasy, but don’t forget your logic, e) struwwel your Peter, and f) (for final piece of advice) jump down the rabbit hole.

P.S.: All the pictures were taken during the Karlstag-Abenteuer on May 5th.

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