Summer in the… museum!

If the hot weather is bothering you, sunbathing or spending time at the pool is not your story, then how about a visit at a museum? Not only do they have air-conditioning to offer, but also many interesting exhibitions to see during the summer months…


From the Postal Savings Bank to Post-Modernism! This year passes exactly 100 years after the death of Otto Wagner – Austrian architect and father of modernism. On this occasion, in many museums, you can admire exhibitions about him, his legacy, works inspired by his works, etc. In MAK, the museum of applied arts, you can see until Sunday 30/09/2018  a huge exhibition dedicated not only to his work, but also to the interaction between other representatives of early modernism. The vast part of the exhibition is also devoted to its influence on the work of his students, and also on successive generations of architects and designers. We guess, that – maybe – you do not even realize how many of his buildings are really located in our beautiful city. And if we add designs inspired by Wagner’s works – just WOW. Maybe we should prepare a post for you with a tour of the most beautiful of his works by Adventures Anthology?


Have you ever been to a fake museum? In addition, one that is placed in an existing museum? And with a slightly unusual exhibition inside? Do you feel encouraged enough already? We hope so, because we would like to recommend you visiting the Lisl Ponger exhibition. MuKul, the (fictitious) Museum for Foreign and Familiar Cultures, is currently located inside Weltmuseum, and this is where Lisl presents an exhibition consisting of two parts. The first consists of six large-scale, staged photographs in light boxes which talk about ethnography, fascination with other cultures, fascinations about collecting objects / souvenirs, etc. from unknown / different cultures, their meanings and … well, you have to find out about it yourself! The second part is a 2-channel installation called The Master Narrative and Don Durito (for the uninitiated, it’s a beetle from the Lacandon jungle, but we will not tell you more, we can not reveal everything).


While walking through the gardens of Schonbrunn, it’s worth taking a look at Imperial Carriage Museum to check probably one of the smallest exhibitions I’ve seen, but how worth seeing – Imperial Speed! It shows not only which path we have taken in terms of technological progress, a journey through history from 2 hp to 230 hp, from “biroccio” to Formula 1 car. And if you still feel unsatisfied, you can always enjoy the other specimens from the rich collection of the carriages of the imperial family…


Showcases the 100 best posters (as the name already tells you) from Germany, Switzerland and Austria. They differ quite a lot from the posters you see on the street, and are not what you might expect. Moreover, and this is another plus point of the exhibition, they are all hooked up in the cellar (which is even a bit cooler regarding the temperatures 😉 ).


And the last exhibition we’re going to present you today. Is WestLichts take on Vivian Maier, an American photographer. Her black and white photographs were discovered at a foreclosure sale in 2009, and they took the world by surprise. Now why did they do that? Well,… I’m not going to tell you that, I’m just that mean. What I’m going to tell you is, that you might recognise tendencies in her street photography that are all to common in todays insta-society, but still different on a fundamental level. You still have two weeks to enjoy the exhibit.

Still open and worth visiting exhibitions that we have already written about:


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