Adventures Anthology is what happens when a Polish girl and an Italian boy meet in Vienna and decide to share the wonders & curiosities they encounter with the rest of the world.

So, come and join us on our adventure in the Austrian capitol (and wherever else it might lead us)!




Magdalena is a Polish girl who thanks to a spontaneous decision has turned Vienna into her new hometown and totally fell in love with this city ! At first photography was only a creative escape from technical everyday,  but over time it has become her greatest passion, the way to show the beauty of things most think to be ordinary. Finally came the moment where Instagram is not enough, that’s why we’re here…

Kai is a German speaking Italian from Northern Italy who came to Vienna in 2011 to study in this beautiful city. He studies both Japanese and English at University of Vienna and sometimes you can find him behind a bar counter at a Starbucks preparing you a fresh cup of coffee. He started exploring the city back in 2011 as to get to know his new home better and joined Instagram in 2015, when he began documenting his explorations through photography.


If you’ve got any questions, just write! We will answer you no matter if it is in English, German, Polish, Italian, or even Japanese 😉